Thursday, 19 April 2012

Getthrifty's UK Craft Fair

Ok in March, I held my first craft fair. I invited a number of local crafters to the event in which they all set up their tables, displaying items with pride, love and care.

The event went wonderfully well, the footfall was incredible for my first event and many crafters were so pleased they booked another date with us.

Someone sent me this blog including 101 reasons why we should shop local crafters 

Agree with them? or have more to add? I would love to here your comments.

My challenge is to encourage you, the 'regular shopper' to visit a craft fair. Take a moment to browse through these homemade/handmade items.

Is it really that hard to stop shopping with big retailers or the highstreet? Every time I visit a craft fair I fall in love, in love with the people who have this incredible passion for their item, so much love and care is put into each and every item. I fall in love with the stories behind their products, its overwhelming at times.

I want / need to encourage more people to pop along to a craft fair and just try it out at least once.

Age concerned? don't be, your find items for a newborn, young teens, old teens, mums to be, mums, and so much more, a great selection of gifts & treats. Make it a rule! visit at least one fair this summer

I run craft fairs in Kent and Middlesex for more info visit my FB page Thrifty Fairs

Heres a link to a FB page who advertises crafters products regulary Uk Mums who make


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  1. I used to make hand decorated glass and china, I dabbled in dolls house miniatures, But I have finally found my true vocation. I have become a published author. Take a look at Pickles Press Limited. I am trying to set a small business, but spent last year doing craft fairs to get my name out there. Please can I have a list of fairs at Freemantle this year. Thanks Kim Ward


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