Saturday, 25 February 2012

Summer Skirt/dress Challenge

Ok, so all through the year I am stuck in jeans... summer jeans, Winter jeans, jeans to go with boots, jeans that go with trainers... its always jeans.. dont get me wrong I love a skirt. Im not really into 'Pretty' dresses and skirts I like abit of 'hardness' to my dress style and if I have a day out planned I will rock a dress with a pair of brogues. But I get stuck in such a rut... especially when im doing the school run.

When I worked in London in a smart office, I liked feeling like a lady wearing suits, and looking well, looking like a lady. since having babies I think i have chosen to hide in my clothes. anyone else feeling the same on this one?

So When the weather is hot (I admit I am a wimp for cold weather) and the days are sunny I am going to put on a dress, team a lovely skirt with a gorgeous top, and I doubt I will forget a cardigan.

So thinking about this challenge is it going to be realistic for my life style? No.1 I dont shave.. I just dont see the point (prone to rush cutting too) I wax, religously Wax. These days are clearly going to be teamed with leggings or tights. No.2 I am a dedicated camper. In my VW campervan. Now weather is sometimes a challenge in itself, muddy puddles and wellys, usually warm jeans and my hubbys thick jumpers., country walks, pushing bikes and ball parks.

Now, Looking in my wordrobe which is a cramed mess of mismatch. I dont actually own that many dresses and skirts, and being a mum of two Im not about to go on a shopping spree to spoil myself.

So I am going to have to work with what I got, decide how my outfit can look different but still wear the same thing... emmmm.

With all the Reality shows at the moment, they are always looking gorgeous in heels all day everyday! Just like the stunning Miss Amy Childs, Like her or not (which I do) you cannot deny her dedication to making an effort. Im for sure a slipper girl. I feel odd wearing heels unless im back going to the office. Will the mums at the preschool look at me weird if I wore a pair of wedges on the school run? We will see!

I may start preparing now! this is going to be one hell of a challenge for me. I think I a going to need all the help I can get.. 

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