Thursday, 17 May 2012

How to make a felt bow

I used google to find the prettiest bow and used several tuturials to make this one design.

Cut two retangles from a peice of felt, then cut along the top, to create a strip
Glue the edge

and stick together to make a circle
Squash the circles flat and pinch to create these cute dimples
Glue the 'Pinch' and secure with a clip
Wrap the cut of strip around the bow

Glue into place
Finished bow add some sparkles, gems bottons, or stitches to make it look super pretty.

Ideas for using this bow?
* Glue a hair pin to the back and wear in your hair
* Attach a safety pin and wear as a brooch
* Add to a bracelet
* Add to a pair of shoes

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  1. absolutely love these!!! such a brilliant idea :D xxx

    1. Thank you, They are so cute, My daughter loves them in her hair and so easy to make, popping over to your blog for a read x

  2. I love how you pinned the bow to the back of the shoes :)

    1. Thank you :) have a look at the other shoes with bows

  3. So cute and so easy! Thanks for giving me one less thing to have to fret about for my Halloween costume!


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