Friday, 8 June 2012

Stick on nails - just wont budge

Rushing around, trying to get sorted thats my idea of a night out before the night out!

Make up usually done in the car on the way to the venue, whereever it may be! dodgelly painted finger nails.

No change for my best mates Hen do! I finished my Craft fair at 3.30pm rushed home, showered, back combed hair for a little buffin style up do, completed my make up, dressed and ready to go in aroud 45minutes - not bad going!

My mum agreed (kinda) to drop me off in London, so I quickly grabbed these false nails I bought a while ago for a wedding but never had the chance to apply them, and jumped in her car.

Elegant Touch Decorated French Nails - Bombay Dream (13117)3444481 £6.95 from Boots

I followed the instruction which were very simple, glue your nail and stick on the false ones, I pressed firmly down (not sure I was meant to) I thought they would be clicking off all night but not one budged!

I woke up the next morning all still attached - argh my problem - Im off camping. I didnt really want to go camping with my two children with long false nails, but I couldnt bare to attempt to rip them off and be stuck with one or two I wouldnt be able to dis-attach, so I left them on.

Now one week later and they are all still attached! Good going if you wanted them to last! I have even washed up, cleaned, tidied, made some shoes and a hell of alot of typing (including typing errors due to using the nails to smash up against the keyboard!) and they are still going strong!

So I suppose I would have to recommend them - although I havent had false nails for around 4 years so I have nothng of late to compare them too, Leave your commets, do your nails stand the test of everyday life?


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    1. I couldnt believe they last more then a week!, I went Thorpe Park yesterday and only one pinged off! I spent the car journey peeling the others off and it was painless! I am in love with these nails!


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