Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Christian Louboutin Exhibition

What a lucky girl! My lovely fiancé surprised me with tickets to the Design Museum, Shad Thames London. who is hosting an exhibition full of the gorgeous Red soled shoe.
Shoe collection descending from the ceiling

Entrance to the exhibition

Shad Thames back streets are just lovely and remind me a little of Paris. Full of coffee shops, where you can grab a pastry or croissant, and handful of Italian restaurants, I bet this place is bustling in the summer months.

When you walk into the exhibition which is full of shoes floating around on a funfair carousel. On the walls are little - ok long captions of Christians thoughts, desires and following his creative imagination, you really begin to envy his motivation for designing shoes.
Shoes hanging from a funfair carousel, adorned on a velvet red bed

We all know the big celebrities wear the red sole, its an identity of fashion couture, from a respective well known french designer.

Who would be better to adorn this sole? None other then Dita Von Teese - two of my favourite people. I love Dita's 50's glam style she brings back to life, she creates her own style which makes her even more perfect in my eyes, a flawless beauty.

During the exhibition around every 30minutes a large crystal shoe displays on the hologram screen, the shoe turns into Dita and she dances away a few layers of clothing which turns to sprinkle silver dust, an exquisite beauty of dancing done in a glamorous and stylish way, your intrigued to watch through to the end when she turns back into this glorious shoe. A wonderful match. and piece of history in relation to where he created he's love for shoes.

The exhibition shows how shoes have changed through the years, not just for Louboutin but you recognise the styles in general, well the highstreets have to get their inspiration from somewhere! but they will never match the exquisite shoes created by this man, the love and detail shines through on each and every shoe, there is a story for each sole.
The exhibition takes you through a story of his life, from the year 1991 when Christian opened his first boutique through to the current day is creating his 'Fetish' shoes including the 8inch ballet shoe.

Throughout the exhibition you are warned 'Do no touch' but thats all I wanted to do... Look and touch! and although I have always vowed I would own a pair before I am 30 - that number is getting closer and yet I have still not walked on those 'Red Sole'.

I mean come on - even Barbie owns a pair! 

We had to catch the train to 23 Motcomb Street to visit his boutique, a security guard standing at the doorway opens the door for you to enter, a celeb standing at the till - although I have no idea who..? I'm rubbish with faces. lol, I got to touch, hold and take in his styles and understand his creative thoughts I have just read about. Some prices shocked me, some made me want to rob a bank! Prices starting from £400, one shoe I admired being £1650 - trust me to fall for this one!

Across the road from Christian Louboutin Boutique

The feel of the boutique is actually very relaxed, with velvet red carpet, the shop flows seamlessly as you follow your way round the shop admiring the collection, with patchwork chairs in a very similar style to those created by The Shed  

Patchwork footstall similar to those at Christian Louboutin Boutique

Some of these pictures are not mine, as Cameras, phones etc all not allowed to be used during the exhibition



    I didn't know that there was a Christian Louboutin exhibition!! I seriously have to go to this! Do you know how long it's on for or is it there permanently? xx

    1. It started on Tuesday and runs for a month, its £11 entry but well worth it.

      Upstairs there is more going on, including Alexander Mcqueen video and Sarah Burton wedding dress, how it was made, and a few bits for the boys :)

  2. I'd LOVE to see this exhibition! Louboutin makes dream-shoes! My goal is also to own a pair...some day...Those high-heeled pointe shoes would be interesting to try on. I know what "normal" pointe shoes feel like, but I wonder if it's possible to walk around in the Louboutin version... xox

  3. WOW looks great there I need to go asap looks like you had a great day out x

  4. Wow I didn't know about this museum! Thank you for sharing, I'll be going there hopefully xx

  5. I went to this! Such a good exhibition - especially the fetish room and the back room with his actual design illustrations!


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