Monday, 30 April 2012


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Have you visited The Shed?

If you have been along to my craft fairs you would have met Paris Oxley, owner, creater, designer of The Shed. Oh and not to forget my mummy.

Her items are incredibly beautiful from Plaques too hang around the home to furniture and gift boxes all upholstered and designed by Paris herself. The Perks of being her daughter I wear all of her gorgeous Rings she has made.
Scrabble Ring

I asked Paris to tell me a little bit more about her self, so I can share her work with my blog readers.

Paris says 'I love art, arty things and especially old wooden furniture. I love to search junk shops, charity shops, antique fairs and car-boot sales for old unloved items, dressing tables, ottomans, chairs etc and then re-style them.

Decoupage Spiderman Unit

Made to order Plaques

Chalk Boards - made to order

Picture/Note boards - any design/pattern

Dressing unit refinished
As well as the furniture re’vamping which is my first love, I also paint my own canvas’s and work a lot with reclaimed wood making plaques and hearts and personalised gifts.  I decorate old wooden boxes using decoupage, the most popular are of screen legends like Monroe, Hepburn and Taylor.  I also invented something called purse buddies which is a little wallet for your purse with contains, toothpick, needle, cotton, buttons, handy wipe, nail file and pins, which led to door buddies and notice, pin and chalk boards…there is nothing I will not attempt, even tried glass engraving and I have wrote a couple of children’s books too!
I chose the name 'The Shed' for my business because that’s where I like to work from and you would be surprised what lurks at the back of both mine and your shed, just waiting for me to re’vamp.
Funked and re-styled furniture and unique art and unusual, unique gifts, take a look at my FB page and while you’re there don’t forget to 'like' and 'Share'... or follow me on Twitter.
I also organise & promote Craft Fairs (Getthrifty's UK Craft Fairs) with my daughter who has caught the recycling, thrifting bug too; she works mostly with fashion and accessories'

Announcement * Announcement * Announcement

The Shed will be at Camden Lock Market, London  Wednesday 9th May selling her gorgeous items, preorder to collect or just come and have a browse

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Enterprise Nation fund

So I joined in March, but they ran out of funds in April they ran out of funds within 2days of re-opening, so on the 1st May 2012 I am asking (beggin) for your to log on (via Facebook) and vote for me.

I need 500 votes to secure the funds and so far have around 28 I have 2 days to do this, please please please vote for me.

Me and My mum run and organise Craft fairs, we need the money to grow the venture and secure larger venues, If we are able to do this we can help more crafters get there business seen and give them that much needed platform for them to succeed in their business

Vote for Getthriftys UK Craft fairs

Monday, 23 April 2012

Rocking Jessie J's Look

Ok, Bare with me, I dont look good on camera! 
Yes, I did have a celebrity fancy dress party to go to, and choose Jessie J I wanted to try a new hair look and actually think I suit a fringe So I just went for it! using a Tempary Black Die which last up to 24 washes.

Shoes: Missguided £49.00
Topshop Leggins:  Getthrifty £6.00
Denim Waist Coat: Topshop £35
Ted Baker Corset: Getthrifty £8.00
J Letter Scrabble Ring made by The Shed and available to purchase from Getthrifty

I actually felt really comfortable in this outfit, and I really fell for these leggins, they looked super hot with my Jenine Suede Studded Platform Shoe Boots
which I do have to add I struggled to walk in - but kept them on all night, needless to say I still have the blisters to prove it!
But apprently my 3 year old daughter thinks differently she managed to even get down the stairs in them! 
I was a little upset as I was soooo excited to be using lip tattoos, I ordered a black/white print and union jack print/transfer. I failed immediatly using the black/white and didnt have time to attemp any more trys. hugely disspointed to say the least. I wont mention the company I purchased them from I will say they were from ebay and cost between £3-6.00 the matching nails were never recieved either.
I would love to try these again as I think they look great, not sure when I will get an excuse again.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dinnerladys - Food for thought

My babies are 3 and 2 now, but since the day they started feeding I begain cooking wholesome meals, full of veg, fish, fruit and anything I thought sounded 'healthy'.

Me and a friend use to swop meal ideas and one day decided to create a website where we could steal eachothers great ideas! Dinnerladys was set up last November and to date we have had 10500 hits! We do feel that is kind of incredible for us! and the feedback we have recieve has been overwhelming!

We use our FB page to reach out to our like minded bakers, and provide a place for questions and answers i.e 'I have some mince in my fridge what can I make' or 'How do I get rid of this mud stain on my sons shirt'

Please visit us and join us on Facebook

The best thing about my being part of this website is discovering how to use left over foods! Leftover veg from a roast, Left over meats etc theres so many opportunities to create something lovely from yesterdays dinners!

Highstreet Fashion

As most of you know, I run an online website called I stock highstreet and designer fashion all in one place and for men and woman.

I ofton upload an item of incredible price, they always get snapped up quickly. you can visit my site and pay using paypal which is great and I think it gives people a great source of security.

There are a few websites around or facebook sites in which you can shop preloved fasion, have you tried any of them out?

Do you buy preloved / second hand?

I remember when I left school, I used to always shop in charity shops to try and pick something up a little unique, maybe a vintage piece an item I could change a little and customise to my own liking. I had so much fun with my fashion and inside I still have it all there. Now to find the time and bring the sewing machine out the loft!

Twitter Comp Crazy!!!

Ok, So are you on Twitter yet? you must be, the entire world seems to be.

How well are you using this social networking site, are you using it to your best advantage? Well lately I have been.. I have gone comp crazy. its so easy most sites will just ask for a follow and 'RT' (Retweet) for a chance to enter. some will provide links for you to click and enter competitions on there websites and facebook pages.

Can you win? Yes I have one a few items. The best though....

A Gorgeous Dress which was much needed for a wedding after party, from Missguided

Shoes: Carvela Boots from KG
Princess ring: The Shed
Belt - Getthrifty

Wishing you all luck with your competition, love to hear your best and greatest wins?

Getthrifty's UK Craft Fair

Ok in March, I held my first craft fair. I invited a number of local crafters to the event in which they all set up their tables, displaying items with pride, love and care.

The event went wonderfully well, the footfall was incredible for my first event and many crafters were so pleased they booked another date with us.

Someone sent me this blog including 101 reasons why we should shop local crafters 

Agree with them? or have more to add? I would love to here your comments.

My challenge is to encourage you, the 'regular shopper' to visit a craft fair. Take a moment to browse through these homemade/handmade items.

Is it really that hard to stop shopping with big retailers or the highstreet? Every time I visit a craft fair I fall in love, in love with the people who have this incredible passion for their item, so much love and care is put into each and every item. I fall in love with the stories behind their products, its overwhelming at times.

I want / need to encourage more people to pop along to a craft fair and just try it out at least once.

Age concerned? don't be, your find items for a newborn, young teens, old teens, mums to be, mums, and so much more, a great selection of gifts & treats. Make it a rule! visit at least one fair this summer

I run craft fairs in Kent and Middlesex for more info visit my FB page Thrifty Fairs

Heres a link to a FB page who advertises crafters products regulary Uk Mums who make