Thursday, 19 April 2012

Highstreet Fashion

As most of you know, I run an online website called I stock highstreet and designer fashion all in one place and for men and woman.

I ofton upload an item of incredible price, they always get snapped up quickly. you can visit my site and pay using paypal which is great and I think it gives people a great source of security.

There are a few websites around or facebook sites in which you can shop preloved fasion, have you tried any of them out?

Do you buy preloved / second hand?

I remember when I left school, I used to always shop in charity shops to try and pick something up a little unique, maybe a vintage piece an item I could change a little and customise to my own liking. I had so much fun with my fashion and inside I still have it all there. Now to find the time and bring the sewing machine out the loft!

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