Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dinnerladys - Food for thought

My babies are 3 and 2 now, but since the day they started feeding I begain cooking wholesome meals, full of veg, fish, fruit and anything I thought sounded 'healthy'.

Me and a friend use to swop meal ideas and one day decided to create a website where we could steal eachothers great ideas! Dinnerladys was set up last November and to date we have had 10500 hits! We do feel that is kind of incredible for us! and the feedback we have recieve has been overwhelming!

We use our FB page to reach out to our like minded bakers, and provide a place for questions and answers i.e 'I have some mince in my fridge what can I make' or 'How do I get rid of this mud stain on my sons shirt'

Please visit us and join us on Facebook

The best thing about my being part of this website is discovering how to use left over foods! Leftover veg from a roast, Left over meats etc theres so many opportunities to create something lovely from yesterdays dinners!

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