Thursday, 30 August 2012

Custom design Shoes

I sent out a tweet recently asking if any bloggers would like to experience my bespoke shoe design.

When Simon from Luv4Fashion got in touch to create a pair of sparkly shoes for his wife Elaine, I was very excited - yet nervous as he pretty much let me run wild with the design. We discussed a few possible designs and came up with a Red Sparkly Shoe, with the use of Silver.

I decided to go for an extended Silver heel, whilst covering the main shoe in Red Sparkle. once completed I added some gorgeous Red Ribbon bows with tiny pearl beads to the back of the shoe

I sent Simon the finish pictures and his reponse was the best I could have asked for, I sigh of relief!

Im happy to add a new creation to my portfolio

I cant wait to read Simons Blog post and see what his wife thought of her personalised Shoe. Maybe I will name the Shoe after her (only if she loves them of course )

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What do you think of the creation?

Friday, 10 August 2012

Dylon Flamingo Pink Dye Jeans

I bought these jeans around 2/3 years ago from Republic, I wore them once then put them in the wash and.....
Im not sure what happened? but something happened?

Brown pataches appaired all over the jeans?

~So after two years of sitting in my drawer, unable to chuck away a brand new pair of jeans! Lightbulb moment!!! 'Dylon'

Im seeing colourful jeans all over the place, and to be honest im not sure if they are really me! so what better way to experiment then with some old jeans!

Dylon, Have this gorgeous fantastic colour called 'Flamingo Pink'

You add the dye to the washing machine along with 500g of 'Table' salt add the fabric (one pair of jeans)

Wash on 40' and then run another wash along with some detergent at another 40' Remove jeans and hang out to dry. (wash machine with some detergent to give it a clean - although I forgot, and the next day I washed White towels! - of all things! but luckily they were perfectly fine! - although washed on a 60')

These are wet, so lighter and darker shades appear for the dryer parts. I will update the picture, once ironed :) and I cant wait for an outfit post wearing these! what a great way to revitilise old jeans! and also keep on trend a little cost!

Have you ever used Fabric dyes? I feel I was brave with my colour choice, but Im so happy with them Im in Love!