Monday, 15 October 2012

Dinner Date outfit post

Going for an early Dinner at Pizza Express, Greenwich then for a few drinks.

Need to be comfy, but still dressed up enough, not to get ID - this happens alot to me.. Im 28! suppose its becoming a compliment

Blue HighWaisted Jeans - Next
White Shirt with blue bow - Vero Moda (USC)
Customised Wedges - CherryBomb-Boutique
Pearl Earings, Pearl Broch - Primark

Was having a... not so much bad hair day... but stroppy hair day! I have short shoulder length hair and its flat I really 'Dislike' it. So I have no option but to have it up! I pinned in some clip in extensions and back combed until I physically could no longer get a comb through me hair.

I am hoping to get some extensions soon. Really excited just dont know where to get them done?


  1. Lovely outfit! I love the shirt! It's so chic :) xo

    1. Thank you hun. TBH I seem to be living in these Next jeans!

  2. I have the same hair problem. Have you tried g2b powderful by shwartzgof (sp) it makes your hair feel wierd and is not great for sleeping in but is fantastic for big hair!
    Sorry bombarding your blog with comments lol!

  3. haha no I love it! is it like a sea salt spray? I will hunt this down! I need volume! Going to pop over to your blog <3

  4. Great outfit :) I especially love the shirt with the bow!

    Pastel Bokeh

    1. Thank you :) I put a little brooch on the bow as it sat funny. but it is lovely and so comfortable x


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