Wednesday, 27 June 2012

DIY draped scarf

Sometimes its the littlest things in life that just grab your attention and impress you!

So the simple things, but still a genuis must have thought of it?

Thats how I felt when I saw this step by step guide put together by Virtous Stlys, the photo popped up on my facebook and I had to ask if I could use it on my blog, Its too brilliant not to!

This would be perfect if you was going away on holiday, if you live in the UK then you know we have to wrap up warm to get to the airport and home again, especially if your flight are at 5am, like all mine seem to be! why not make the most of your scarf.

Virtous Styls is always showing up on my newsfeeds with so much interesting fashion pieces, and storage ideas, you absolutely, must check her out!

Please leave a comment,

Did you visit Virtous page? What thrifty ideas do you have? Are you going to try this look?

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Dylon Colour Catcher - Tried and tested!

I suppose they were invented for the'odd sock in the wash disaster' but for me its more about clothes of two colours, which seem to fill my daughters wordrobe, dresses red skirts with attach white tops! pink and white polka dots, and for my son, t'shirts with a lots of colours, different colour collars and them odd t'shirts that dont belong in any colour pile?

Colour catcher? doesnt that sound daring? do you think it will work? lets put it to the test!

ok, to start I will be a teeny tiny bit wimpish with the 'chosen' item, but its a good place to start! I stole my boys white sock and added it to a completely Red wash!
I know im not much of a rebel, maybe next time I will up my game!

As there was a few new 'red' items I hadnt washed yet, as per the instruction I added two sheets to the wash! 

'The proof is in the sheets!'


Monday, 18 June 2012

Outfit post, Hen Night

I bought this dress back in October (2011) from a shop in Brighton it cost around £25 and as soon as I saw it I loved it! now.. however They are everywhere and its just ok now.

I was going to hen night, and the dress code was Black/white, diamonds and pearls!

Tights - Primark
Color - Primark

I LOVE these tights, about 10 years ago my mum had a pair with a thick black line and a tiny rose at the bottom, I wore them to death and looked everywhere to find another pair, about a year ago I finally found some on Ebay and then a few months ago I found these ones above in Primark - I love them! If I ever was brave enough to get a tattoo, this would be it!

The shoes, I created my self. The bottom is a collage of Audrey Hepburn with pearls studded up the heels and back. Nearly all my shoes can be purchased from my website Getthrifty and currently start from as little as £40.00

As Getthrifty I create shoes made to order, you can choose colours, styles, designs etc meaning your shoes are unique and designed especially for you, not bad at such a small price!

How to make a Lace flower

Start by threading a needle through the trim of the lace
Pull the thread to create this swirl
Continue to sew
Cut out a circle of felt (I used a sewing reel as a template)
Glue around the outer edge and stick down the lace immediatly
Continue to glue and stick the ribbon down in a spiral until you reach the middle
I attached a very pretty button using cotton
Use this flower and attach it to many other projects, hair clips/bands, bags, tops, curtain ties

Monday, 11 June 2012

Crissy Dress by Motel Wedding day outfit post

I  bought this Crissy Dress by Motel from Topshop in Bluewater for £58.00 for an all day wedding. The bottom is certainly my style but the basque top is not really, but it was the end of the day and I went for it!

Now, I have small boobies and when I tried the dress on I had a normal t'shirt bra that does nothing for me! (I was hiding under a coat) I didnt think what it may look like with the correct bra on, so when I wore it out I was popping out all over the place! Maybe I should have gone for a size up!

I posted these outfit ideas to Twitter and the verdict came back to wear it with the 'Pink' so thats what I went for. What would you have chosen?

Crissy Dress by Motel £58.00

Dorothy Perkins Shoes, Lace top Primark, Mint bow belt Primark

Pink Primark Jacket, Pink Kurt Geiger shoes, Pink belt Primark

Blue Primark Shoes, Blue Primark Jacket, Blue Primark belt
All dressed up and ready to go!

Not sure you can see my boffin bun!

and my little babies, *Airlie wears Primark dress, George Cardigan, Primark shoes,Petticoat from H&M,                         *Joshua Wears Next trousers, Zara Shoes, Primark shirt, Tie and cardigan

The wedding was beautiful the sun shined and everyone had a great time!

Do you think I picked the right outfit for a wedding? Was there to much boobs on show?

Friday, 8 June 2012

Fathers Day Personalised Plaques

Another year gone by!! another fathers day gift to buy.

What ideas did you have?

* Fathers Day Cup?
* Dad Ring?
* Trophy?
* Cufflinks?

What about something very unique? a Keepsake thats meaningful, Something that holds a memory?

I asked The Shed for advice on this one, and here is what the lovely lady Paris Oxley Sent me

The plaques came with instructions to put the childs handprint in the space provided, I did make a few mistakes but it just wipes away.

Step 1
Place childs hand in paint
Pink for my little girls one

Blue for my little boys plaque

The children really enjoyed doing this, I suppose they loved making a mess for me to clean up!

After the hand prints were fully dried I gave the plaque a coat of varnish, as per The Sheds instructions

 What do you think of the finished plaques? Im going to hang them in my hall way
Thats alot better then something thats gets hidden in the draw or collects dust on shelf somewhere, and really its a little something I would like to keep forever, then when they have there own houses they might like to keep it for themselfs

Dont you think these plaques are great gift ideas?

Stick on nails - just wont budge

Rushing around, trying to get sorted thats my idea of a night out before the night out!

Make up usually done in the car on the way to the venue, whereever it may be! dodgelly painted finger nails.

No change for my best mates Hen do! I finished my Craft fair at 3.30pm rushed home, showered, back combed hair for a little buffin style up do, completed my make up, dressed and ready to go in aroud 45minutes - not bad going!

My mum agreed (kinda) to drop me off in London, so I quickly grabbed these false nails I bought a while ago for a wedding but never had the chance to apply them, and jumped in her car.

Elegant Touch Decorated French Nails - Bombay Dream (13117)3444481 £6.95 from Boots

I followed the instruction which were very simple, glue your nail and stick on the false ones, I pressed firmly down (not sure I was meant to) I thought they would be clicking off all night but not one budged!

I woke up the next morning all still attached - argh my problem - Im off camping. I didnt really want to go camping with my two children with long false nails, but I couldnt bare to attempt to rip them off and be stuck with one or two I wouldnt be able to dis-attach, so I left them on.

Now one week later and they are all still attached! Good going if you wanted them to last! I have even washed up, cleaned, tidied, made some shoes and a hell of alot of typing (including typing errors due to using the nails to smash up against the keyboard!) and they are still going strong!

So I suppose I would have to recommend them - although I havent had false nails for around 4 years so I have nothng of late to compare them too, Leave your commets, do your nails stand the test of everyday life?

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Steve Madden “Fiesstaa” sandal

The Fiessta Steve Madden Shoes retail for around £110.00, which if your a shoe lover and love your feet looking well dressed, thats not a bad price?

Steve Madden retail at around £110
Or... how does just £18.00 sounds for the same'ish style?

Red Ruffle shoes found at for just £18.00
What do you think of my match?