Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas

You know how I LOVE to support small local businesses, for many reasons. The craft is so much more personal and unique.

I have put together a few gift boards. The list of crafters used will be linked to their facebook pages. These are just ideas and each crafter has so much more to offer then what I have shown, so please visit their pages and have a browse around - remember nearly everything can be personalised and made to order! So get your orders in early!!

Choccy O's

Crystalise Page

 Cheeky Baby Tees
The Shed
The Beas Knees and Cats Whiskers
Peacock Candles
Dorothy & Theodores
Fancy That

***Cheeky Baby Tees are offering 10% off your first order using the code FACE10 at

This Blog post has been created by Ashlee Norris of Getthriftys Craft Fair (Kent & Middlesex Events)
I have not been asked to do this, or recieved anything in return. I generally support local crafters in everyway I can. xx