Friday, 8 June 2012

Fathers Day Personalised Plaques

Another year gone by!! another fathers day gift to buy.

What ideas did you have?

* Fathers Day Cup?
* Dad Ring?
* Trophy?
* Cufflinks?

What about something very unique? a Keepsake thats meaningful, Something that holds a memory?

I asked The Shed for advice on this one, and here is what the lovely lady Paris Oxley Sent me

The plaques came with instructions to put the childs handprint in the space provided, I did make a few mistakes but it just wipes away.

Step 1
Place childs hand in paint
Pink for my little girls one

Blue for my little boys plaque

The children really enjoyed doing this, I suppose they loved making a mess for me to clean up!

After the hand prints were fully dried I gave the plaque a coat of varnish, as per The Sheds instructions

 What do you think of the finished plaques? Im going to hang them in my hall way
Thats alot better then something thats gets hidden in the draw or collects dust on shelf somewhere, and really its a little something I would like to keep forever, then when they have there own houses they might like to keep it for themselfs

Dont you think these plaques are great gift ideas?


  1. Thats such a cute sentimental idea! Great post x

    1. I think its more for me then him.. but beats another pair of cufflinks or DAD/Homer socks!

  2. This blog discuss about the handmade Personalised Cufflinks. This blog is very artistic and very impressive. Thanks for sharing this information.

  3. Adorable! One of those best gifts we can have.


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