Thursday, 3 May 2012

Recycled Glamour

I didnt need no fancy title to get you reading, the words Recycled Glamour instantly draws you in.

You may have seen me share, like and comment on this ladys work before, you wouldnt believe how lucky I am to have such a talented family, this lady is in fact my Auntie,  Estelle, my Dad's sister.

I wanted to find out more about my auntie Estelle, when did she realise she had such an amazing talent? I asked her a few questions and heres her response.

'Way back in 1994 I was fresh out of art college, full of ideas and out of work, living in Bristol in the UK... No longer able to spend the day welding metal together I had to think of a new way to be creative.

I loved the quirky designs of fashion designer Wayne Hemingway and his label Red or Dead, so inspired, I picked up an old treadle singer sewing machine at a junk shop and started making purses out of AstroTurf that a green grocer gave me with little Subbuteo football players on them or fake daisies... Recycled Glamour was born!

Over the last 17 years I have made 100's of bags and purses, at one point I had a stall at the very wonderful Spitalfields Market in London and I sold in boutiques in London, Bristol and Brighton... I've had many other careers as an Art Teacher, Ceramics technician, artists assistant, lighting designer/maker. But I always come back to my handbags and purses!
Estelles Gorgeous set up at a Vintage Craft fair

I now live in Auckland, New Zealand (a very crafty part of the world), After the upheaval of moving halfway round the world I've started again!

I have a studio in a 1960's caravan in my garden and take what I make to the many craft markets that are around in Auckland and sell online through

Lots of my ideas for my bags are inspired by long ago happy memories of my Grandmothers house on Dartmoor in Devon, England. So Tweed, linen,  Houndstooth, silk scarves, Liberty Lawn and floral fabric feature in my designs.'

Estelle Pemberton

Recycled Glamour

Purchase Estelles Handmade products from

This is enough to make you want to get on a plane and visit Estelles Crafty Caravan, Her latest project is a top made from vintage silk scarf, I will be the first to put an order in, Im so excited.

Visit Estelle on Facebook to see what shes up to. Recycled Glamour


  1. Those purses are amazing! Love them.

    1. They are even more incredible when you realise how much hard work is put into designing, making these purses. I hope more people read my blog and decide to shop crafters products. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog


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