Thursday, 10 May 2012

My day at Camden Market

Camden Lock Bridge
My mum runs a lovely handmade made business called @Theshed she uses recycled, upcycled, reclaimed furniture to make gorgeous home accessories.

She attends Craft Fairs and also helps me run my Getthriftys Craft fairs, but she wanted a bigger audience, so decided to run a stall for a week a Camden Market, So I volunteered my services for her first day.

I always get excited when I drive into London, I don't know why? I suppose when I worked in London I didn't really appreciate it, I become a typical London worker, always having somewhere to be and always in a rush, trying to be the first on the train... I no longer work in London so can step back and enjoy everyone else running around like headless chickens! its great to watch and I love the hustle and bustle of it all.

Can you believe our first day on the market and we were late.. thank god this wasn't an interview. They already loved my mums work so she was guaranteed a stall because all her items are handmade by her, this gives you priority over other traders.

There are so many stalls in Camden, lots of different sections its like a maze, the weather wasn't very happy and mainly rained all day. luckily we were upstairs in the hall so nice and dry and not that cold.

I took a few strolls around, but didn't buy anything, the market was actually very quiet, apparently it changes on the weekend! I did however spend £5 on two cookies! your understand why when I explain I am allergic to dairy. So having these treats doesn't happen often, although on the market today there is alot more options and I tend to make a lot of my own treats, I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted this stall, to be honest I didn't risk eaten anything whilst out - that would have made it a long day, So they put the treats in a box and I took them home. The Vegan and gluten free company was Cookies and Scream and I'm about to tell you the cookies are GORGEOUS, currently wiping the crumbs of my keyboard as I type. I am saving my chocolate frosting between to chunky cookie sandwich until later so I can really enjoy it, but now I'm thinking why didn't I buy a weeks worth, they had cakes, and brownies and they all looked delicious.
Thank you heaven!
Cookies and Scream with excitement

Right back to the reason why I was at Camden Market, My mums stall was based upstairs, Stall 2 to be precise, we were positioned right near the stairs next door to some gorgeous handmade leather bags and Yumchaa Tea which filled the air with lovely scents all day. The stairs are a little of the main flow of the market so many people didn't even enter into our section unless they spotted the stairs.

Camden is very cosmopolitan and there was a lot of European school trips passing through. So for gifts The Sheds plaques, rings, notice boards and etched glasses were perfect.
Cupcake Noticeboard

Personalised plaques - this is my fav!

The day was (or should have been) 9.30am for set up 10 open to the public until 6pm. So its not really that much of a long day as most permanent stalls can lock there items up so there ready to go in the morning.

My mum has continued to have a stall this week 9th May until Friday 11th May. So if you are around be sure to pop by and say hi she will probably be in need of a cup of coffee too.



  1. Sounds like you all have a fab day at the Market when you go.
    Hope it's a growing success x

  2. Ahh I love Camden Market, it's years since I've been.

    Well done to your mum for securing a stall there, it sounds like a prime location. Hope she does really well. x

  3. I've been to Camden market but it sounds like you had an amazing time and the cookies look gorgeous!

  4. I love camden market! when you go its like you never want to shop anywhere else!

  5. I never have time to spend a day shopping in Camden market and always say I have to go! I hope your mum does well with her market! X

  6. Awesome blog doll, I love anything antique/vintage!! You found a happy new follower:)
    Sara xx


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