Wednesday, 12 September 2012

CherryBomb-Boutique Logo

If you have been following on twitter, facebook or reading my blog, you will know I am in the process of setting up my Customised shoe website.

I was selling my shoes via my facebook, twitter and Getthrifty website, but I wanted more! I wanted branding, I wanted an independent website, I just wanted the best start for my shoes!

Sitting here watching TV the name CherryBomb popped into my head! and there it is - the perfect name, I didnt want to limit myself to shoes by calling it CherryBombShoes so I went for boutique this will in the future give me room to grow designing bags and accessories.

I asked a few logo designers what they would design for me, and I didnt like any of them! (sorry) every designer sent me the same 'a cherry faded into the background'. it just didnt resemble my personality or my shoes.

I googled, I googled and I googled more! until I found a designer I loved! I emailed the rightful owner and she agreed to create a logo for me!

A brief description of me and my shoes and she created the worlds most perfect logo for me!

What do you think? I dont think anyone else would have got this design so perfect! I love it! I cant wait to have it printed in my shoes, on my shoe boxes and tags.

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  1. The pin up theme is mega cute :)
    love the logo

    1. I still Love it! everytime I see it! hope you enjoy my website

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  3. Loving the vintage 50s-esque vibe! You've got some great DIYs, just followed!xx


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